The Synology BeeStation is a 4TB out-of-the-box personal cloud


Cloud storage is almost a requirement these days. Given that most users have multiple smartphones and tablets that can take pictures and video, they need someplace to store those files. There are multiple cloud storage solutions, such as OneDrive and Google Drive, but that means storing your files on their servers. There are other options like a Synology NAS or local hard drive too. But occasionally those solutions can be a pain to set up.

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So Synology has announced, what is essentially a NAS, the BeeStation with 4TB of storage. This little guy is designed for the users who are not tech-savvy, but instead require an elementary and easy to set up solution.

BeeStation will make backing up, managing, and sharing files adaptable to any lifestyle without subscription fees and with maximum control over your private data. Lewis Sheng, Product Manager at Synology Inc., emphasizes the role of BeeStation within the Synology ecosystem: “For nearly two decades, Synology has been a leader in NAS solutions, offering advanced features for tech enthusiasts and professionals. With BeeStation, we’re addressing a different need. BeeStation packs all the file management and backup essentials into a more accessible and simplified hardware and software experience.”

Here are the company’s key points on BeeStation:

Synology BeeStation

  • Get Started in Minutes: Start your personal cloud straight out-of-the-box with a built-in 4 TB hard drive*, ample room for work documents, personal files, photos, and videos. By simply scanning a QR code and connecting the necessary cables, users are minutes away from their personal cloud service.
    The accompanying web, desktop and mobile applications offer a seamless experience for managing and accessing files from anywhere, mirroring the convenience of popular cloud services.
  • Share with Families: Understanding the need for personal and family storage solutions, BeeStation allows users to easily create private storage spaces for each family member. This feature ensures that individual privacy is respected and maintained. No complex networking or IT skills required by anyone.
  • Backup and AI Capabilities: With BeeStation, automatic backups of photos and videos from iOS and Android devices keep your most important memories protected. Additionally, the AI-powered photo organizer simplifies the task of managing your entire photo library, making it easier than ever to find and share specific images or albums with hardware-accelerated people and object recognition.
    BeeStation’s advanced features include the ability to back up files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and connected USB drives, ensuring that users always retain a copy of their important data.
  • BeeStation will be available for purchase soon on the Synology website ($219.99) and through official partners and resellers worldwide. Click the link below.

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Last Updated on April 30, 2024.


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