PlayStation owners ticked as they lose access to digital purchases due to a bug


Sony is working on but does not yet have a fix for a bug that is removing digital game purchases from users’ PlayStation 4, 5, and Vita accounts. Maybe another good reason to buy physical media, while it still exists. But I digress.

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The PlayStation community is probably more than a little miffed at this issue, as users were not all too happy with Sony when it wanted to remove Discovery video content from user libraries, even after it had been paid for. Ultimately, Sony did not follow through on the threat, but this little bug is not a good look for the gaming company.

PlayStation Problems

PlayStation-5 PlayStation owners lose access to hundreds of digital purchases due to a bug

According to Metro, PlayStation owners have been reporting the bug over the last few days and the frustration is evident as they cannot access any of the games they’ve purchased. But what’s worse, affected users do not even have the ability to redownload the game and access it that way. In other words, this bug blocks everything.

Metro reported; ‘For the last few months, there has been a bug impacting a relatively small amount of PlayStation Network users, in which all digital licenses (including purchased games and titles added to one’s library via PlayStation Plus) become decoupled from your transaction history which shows you purchased those things,’ Dsuds said in their post.

The case for buying physical media has been growing louder on social media. Given that, digital media lives on the servers owned by companies. It makes sense that they could potentially do what they want and users could be left with nothing. I am not implying that is what happened here, but physical media is starting to look much nicer lately.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2024.


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