Dean Cain is on The Platform in April 2024’s Lights, Camera, Crackle…

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April Fools 2024 is upon us, so don’t believe anything you read on the internet! But you can trust that there is new content on Crackle, Redbox, Chicken Soup, and now Popcornflix. This month we have Dean Cain, Maxim Khalil, Abdulmohsen Alnemr, and Khaled Alkeesh starring in The Platform. Be sure to browse all three of these services for more Dean Cain flicks.

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Crackle is a free ad-supported streaming service available on various devices, from Smart TVs to smartphones. Crackle has added Popcornflix, Redbox, and Chicken Soup For The Soul to their stable. The Crackle Plus and Redbox streaming services are currently distributed through over 140 touchpoints in the U.S. on platforms including Amazon Fire TV, RokuTV, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio), gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), Plex, iOS, and Android mobile devices. They are also available on desktops at and, with plans to expand to over 160 touchpoints this year.

We are back this month and our Lights, Camera, Crackle series continues for March 2024 as we look at what you can stream for free on this fantastic service. Let us know what you thought of Dean Cain in The Platform. We’ve also included Popcornflix this month!

As a reminder, Plex users can now access the Crackle library through their Plex service alongside some of Plex’s incredible offerings. Now, let’s see who else is joining Dean Cain in this month’s Crackle lineup!

Find Dean Cain and More This Month

Dean Cain is on The Platform in April 2024's Lights, Camera, Crackle...

Playing on Crackle, Dean Cain in The Platform

Dean Cain, Maxim Khalil, Abdulmohsen Alnemr, and Khaled Alkeesh starring in The Platform.
  • The Platform (with Dean Cain)
  • Lancaster Skies
  • The Silence
  • The Kids in the Hall
  • Day of Wrath
  • Losin’ It
  • Holy Rollers
  • Deadly Dispatch
  • Homeboy
  • The Contract
  • Finding Buck Henry
  • Meteor

Playing on Redbox

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  • London’s Finest
  • Diamond Cartel
  • Curtis
  • Sew The Winter to My Skin
  • The Hero
  • House of Manson
  • The Call Up
  • AWOL — 72
  • Dark Frontier
  • Mississippi Burning
  • Red Stone

Playing on Popcornflix

The Iceman
  • The Iceman
  • Godzilla
  • American Animals
  • The Librarian: The Quest for the Spear
  • After the Murder of Albert Lima
  • Rampart
  • Phantom Punch
  • Puncture
  • Cartel 2045
  • Find Me Guilty
  • Rendel: Dark Vengeance
  • Dog Valley

Playing on Chicken Soup

Are You Here
  • Are You Here
  • Swinging Safari
  • Girlfriends’ Getaway
  • Addicted To Fresno
  • The Accidental Husband
  • Adult Life Skills
  • Patrick
  • Labor Pains
  • Living In Oblivion
  • The Six Wives of Henry Lefay
  • Animal Tales
  • Doc Martin

What do you think of this month’s Crackle rundown and of Dean Cain in The Platform? What other Dean Cain movies or TV shows would you recommend? You may comment by using the social media buttons below. Share on your favorite social media site and tag us on Facebook, X, MeWe, and LinkedIn. Or join our Telegram channel here.

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