Justin Jelinek

Review: Mobile Puzzle Game for Android/iOS


I recently got my hands on the newest game from Itzy Interactive – Vex Puzzles.  Vex Puzzles is a match 4/block elimination puzzle game with a few twists.  Most notably, the way you actually have to twist your phone during some puzzles to move your blocks.  Not all of Vex’s 480 puzzles require your phone’s accelerometer, but enough do that I would be sure to have two hands available during gameplay.

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Kickstarter: Planets³, A Voxel-Based World Building Game


I was recently told about a Kickstarter campaign for Planets³, a game that was described to me as Minecraft/Terraria/Starbound mixed with deeper RPG elements inspired by games such as Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Zelda.  Having played all of those games for more hours than I can count, my interest was certainly piqued.

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Review: Kinivo WHD110 Wireless 5G HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System


Many of us have more than one television.  Many of us also have cable boxes, game consoles, PCs, etc. that we’ve connected to one of our televisions.  But what if you’d like to watch content from those consoles, cable boxes, etc. on one of your other televisions without uprooting all of your hardware?  Kinivo offers a wireless HDMI extender that will come to your rescue.

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Review: Stinkyboard by Stelulu – PC Gaming With Your Feet

Stinky Logo

Are you ready to get Stinky?  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I agreed to review the Stinky gaming footboard by Stelulu.  I must’ve missed their successful Kickstarter campaign last year, so I had to do a bit of research while I was waiting for my review unit to arrive.  The Stinky is a USB foot controller for PC – console models may be available in the future.  It currently allows any keystroke from the keyboard to be bound to one of four Cherry MX switches on the footboard.  I play a lot of PC games, and have feet, so I waited patiently for my Stinky to arrive.

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Battery Life Sucks! Photonic Looking To Aid A Rarely Served Niche


I’ve had the chance to direct some traffic in my days, and one thing that’s an essential part of every traffic control kit are those battery operated flashlights with cones on the end – marshalling wands.  Marshalling wands provide visibility for lowly mall security traffic control all the way up to ground traffic controllers at every airport around the world.  Some of these are simply Maglite flashlights with cones attached to the end, but most airlines and airports use purpose-built wands.  One thing that they all have in common?  They all use batteries.  Usually C or D cell, and they generally burn through them pretty quickly.  

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Review: iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro 12000 mAh

BattStation 12000_1hr

I think that we can all agree that an external battery pack is really expected to do one thing – charge stuff.  I can say with the utmost certainty that the  iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro 12000 mAh does that with aplomb.  With 12,000 mAh of portable power, this spare will charge your devices far longer than many other portable batteries on the market.  With that out of the way, I feel that it’s probably more beneficial to discuss some of the things that set the iBattz apart from it’s competitors.

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Fin Aims To Be Your Thumb-Mounted Remote For Everything

An interesting Crowd-funding campaign just came across the Techaeris desks in the form of Fin, a Bluetooth-enabled thumb ring that turns you into a remote control.  Fin’s sensors are said to be able to distinguish between points to any segment of your fingers, making your entire hand into a numeric keypad, or gesture control system.

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Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept – Chicago Auto Show 2014

During Media Day at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, I had an opportunity to speak with David McCreadie of Ford regarding their C-Max Solar Energi concept vehicle.  Mr. McCreadie is part of Ford’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicles group, and he advised that this concept has been in development for the last year in cooperation with the Georgia Institute of Technology.  The current C-Max Solar Energi concept is a 100% production model C-Max Plug-In Hybrid with the solar array and other controls added.  Keep reading for more information on this concept.

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Snow Lizard Announces SLXTREME5 – Solar Powered, Waterproof, Battery Boosting Case for iPhone 5/5s

Snow Lizard Products – a case and accessory maker based out of Miami Florida – have just announced the availability of the SLEXTREME case for iPhone 5/5s.  The SLXTREME is solar powered, waterproof up to 6 feet, and includes a 2550mAh battery that more than doubles the capacity of your phone.  The SLXTREME is geared toward the adventurous, as it offers shock protection as well.  Snow Lizard’s press release is below.

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3D Print…Your Next House?

3D printing is still a relatively new technology.  While it’s possible to buy a Makerbot or even a 3D pen, this is still a technique to which few people have immediate access.  3D printing may be about to hit a lot closer to home…as in, your actual home.

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Heroes of Steel Review: Mobile Tactical RPG for Android/iOS


I was given access to Heroes of Steel – the upcoming tactical fantasy role-playing game from the Trese Brothers – on November 24th at around 1:30 am.  I was getting ready to head to bed and figured I would just install the game and really dive in after I got some sleep.  After getting everything downloaded I thought I would just boot it up so I could check out the beginning of the game, but then get some sleep and play more in the morning.  The next thing I knew, it was 4am and I was still playing.

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The Regular Guy Review: Google/LG Nexus 5

Nexus 5

There are plenty of long, wordy, clinical reviews of the Nexus 5 to be found around the web.  Loads of sites will give you all sorts of empirical data, battery rundown tests, and lots of trivialities that won’t mean much of anything to someone simply trying to use their phone.  I would like to break from tradition and take this in a bit of a different direction.  I’m a pretty normal guy, and I use my phone in pretty normal ways – I’ve played some games, viewed some social media, made some calls, etc.  I also bought the Nexus 5 for my own personal use…no review hardware for me.  Please continue reading to see if I am happy with my new daily driver.

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