Exoskeleton Boots Could Make Walking Easier For Some


Hugh Herr and MIT Media Labs are developing  new exoskeleton boots that could make walking over challenging terrain easier for soldiers on the battlefield. The boots could even be used for physical therapy patients who are learning how to walk again or for people who just want to take a very long walk.

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Ring Of Fire Star_Solar_Eclipse_Cape_York_Annular1

Catch Tonight’s “Ring Of Fire” Solar Eclipse Live

Ring Of Fire
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Mother Nature is the ultimate attention seeker and tonight, April 28th, at 11 p.m PT/2 a.m ET she will be showing us the “Ring Of Fire” annular solar eclipse. The only place on earth this event will be visible is the Antarctic and since we’re not jumping on a bus there anytime soon, you can catch it by watching the Live stream, video after the break.

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Insects As Small As 3 mm Being 3D Modeled And Colored



Some brilliant minds in Australia have a new 3D modeling system that can model insects as small as 3 mm and bring their characteristics into a scale that scientists can study them better. These large colored 3D models are kind of creepy but really cool at the same time. I’ve often wondered what we would do if some of these bugs were the size of large dogs, we’d probably be in some trouble. Check out the Abstract from the PLOS One website and hit the links after the break for more info. 

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The TRANSFORM Table, A First Step To A Real Holodeck?


Discovery News is billing the TRANSFORM table as a possible first step into Holodeck technology. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, let’s clarify what a Holodeck is and where it comes from. The Holodeck is an immersive virtual reality simulation program used on Star Trek. The Holodeck was used for training purposes but it could be used for recreational purposes as well. Unlike the VR we know today, the Holodeck was not only imagery, it had a physical sense to it as well, meaning you could interact with your surroundings physically. For example, if you were in a boat you could actually touch the water the boat was floating on. The Holodeck is one of Star Trek fans favorite pieces of technology, well certainly one of mine anyway.

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night vision contact lense

Night Vision – Coming Soon To Contact Lenses


Night vision devices have played a part in any number of movies, tv shows, and video games as well as their prominent use in real life – mainly by the military and law enforcement.  One thing has always been true of these devices: they’ve always been fairly big and bulky.  The University of Michigan is looking to change all of that with a recent breakthrough in light detection. 

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Gaming rage smashed controller

Gaming Aggression – Failure Versus Violence


We’ve all seen the headlines – Violent Video games Cause Aggression!  But what if they didn’t?  Video games and gaming in general have grown significantly in a relatively short amount of time.  It’s easy to see how games, and the people that play them can be misunderstood.  The University of Rochester has conducted a study and found that the cause of most aggression in gamers stems from their failure and frustration during gameplay, not the violent content of the games they play.

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Apple’s Tim Cook On Renewable Energy: I Don’t Consider The Bloody ROI

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According to the Mac Observer, at Apple’s yearly shareholder meeting, CEO Tim Cook resoundingly rejected a suggestion by the conservative think tank National Center for Public Policy Research that Apple not invest in renewable energy if it wasn’t profitable. In what is described as an emotional response Cook said of the suggestion:

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Wi-Fi Virus? It Could Be Coming Your Way Soon

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University of Liverpool scientists have discovered they can produce a Wi-Fi virus that can move through dense wireless (unprotected) networks and infect multiple systems. The team designed a virus called Chameleon and found that it was able to spread rapidly from one network to another. The virus was also able to identify weak networks, those without encryption or passwords. The scientists found that Chameleon had human airborne virus qualities in its ability to infect one wireless network after another, much like the flu bug in humans. The closer the networks are to each the other the more likely the virus will spread through them. 

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3D Print…Your Next House?

3D printing is still a relatively new technology.  While it’s possible to buy a Makerbot or even a 3D pen, this is still a technique to which few people have immediate access.  3D printing may be about to hit a lot closer to home…as in, your actual home.

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