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Copresence, A Multi-Platform Cross-Communication Service From Google?

We received a tip that Google may be about to announce a new service called “Copresence.”  The data was found…

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Omnifinity Launches Their Virtual Reality Treadmill, The Omnideck 6

Omnifinity, a start-up based out of Sweden, announced today the release of their Omnideck 6 virtual reality treadmill. Initially showcased…

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Apple Is Ending Patent Disputes With Google’s Android?

After a federal judge agreed to stay a series of lawsuits between Google and patent consortium, Rockstar, it appears that…

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Black Friday: Sanyo 48″ TV Exclusive at Sam’s Club

With Black Friday just around the corner, stores and companies are starting to unveil their deals for sales on the…

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Out With the Old, In With the New!

As you’ve noticed, we took the site down for a couple hours tonight and slapped on a fresh coat of…

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Snowden Information Highlights GCHQ UK/World Spying

It almost comes as no surprise when new levels of spying are uncovered in the ‘post Snowden era.’ Government agencies…

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