HTC One Google Play And Dev Edition Kit-Kat Deadline Approaching



So back about a week and a half ago HTC took to Twitter with some exciting news for HTC One Google Play Editon owners and HTC One Dev Editon owners. Kit-Kat is on the way! That self imposed deadline is fast approaching as November continues to fly by. The Google Play Edition of the HTC One is expected to see the Kit-Kat update around November 15th. While the Developer Edition is slated towards the end of November around the 30th.

Also that same Halloween day they announced that all HTC One owners will be getting Kit-Kat sometime near the end of January. So keep checking those updates Google Play Edition and Developer Edition owners! And let us know when those updates start showing up! And to all those regular edition owners, stay patient, January is not far off!


Image credit: frandroid

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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