Google Cleaning Up The Chrome Web Store, Multi-Purpose Extensions First To Feel The Heat



CNET is reporting that Google is taking a policy forward approach to cleaning up the Chrome Web Store. They are specifically targeting “multi-purpose” extensions such as toolbars. Often times toolbar extensions can load other software or extensions you don’t necessarily want or need. This can slow down the Chrome browsing experience and this is why Google is banning multi-purpose extensions from the store starting in June 2014. Here’s what Google had to say:

An extension should have a single purpose that is clear to users. Do not create an extension that requires users to accept bundles of unrelated functionality, such as an email notifier and a news headline aggregator. If two pieces of functionality are clearly separate, they should be put into two different extensions, and users should have the ability to install and uninstall them separately. For example, functionality that displays product ratings and reviews, but also injects ads into web pages, should not be bundled into a single extension. Similarly, toolbars that provide a broad array of functionality or entry points into services are better delivered as separate extensions, so that users can select the services they want.

Developers have to update their extensions by June or risk being pulled from the Web Store. Developers must also immediately follow the new policies starting today, meaning any extension submitted must meet the policy change. This really is a good move by Google, trying to streamline the Chrome experience will only make the browser that much stronger. Now the only question I have is. Why do people install toolbars anyway??? Hit the link for source.

Source: CNET

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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