Looks Like Winamp May Wait To Enter Its Grave



Time Tech is reporting that the media player many of us have used at one point or another may not die after all. AOL is reportedly finalizing talks and negations with an unnamed buyer for Winamp and its Shoutcast Internet Radio service. Time Tech also reports that AOL is considering leaving the software on its servers for a bit longer, perhaps until this deal is done.

With all the streaming radio options available and many people choosing to save local storage and use those services, it wasn’t surprising to see Winamp fold. But looks like someone out there is taking heart and trying to maintain an oldie but a goodie. And yes, streaming services are gaining popularity, but that doesn’t mean there are people who don’t use or don’t have use of a program like Winamp.

Source: Time Tech Techcrunch

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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