Ballistic Case Introduces HexTec™ Six-Sided Drop Protection Technology At CES 2014



Ballistic invited me to their booth at CES 2014 for a tour and look at their new lineup of cases and new packaging. The revamped lineup and new look is a new beginning for them and it’s a step in the right direction. They’re also introducing their new HexTec™ six sided drop protection tech in their new line. And they’re confident that every case they make can survive a six foot drop, from their low end to the high end. The new packaging will reflect the drop ratings for each case.  Also new for this year is the Hydra for the Galaxy S4 a waterproof and dust proof case.

“We design, engineer and aggressively test our cases to offer the best protection on the market,” said Hank Goradesky, Ballistic’s founder and chief executive officer. “Let’s face it – we’re rough on our devices, and we drop them all the time. At Ballistic, we believe every case, whether it’s sleek or rugged, should protect your valuable devices. Our HexTec™ Six-Sided Drop Protection means you can drop your device on the front, back or corners and have confidence that it’s safe.”

“We believe our competitors, including OtterBox and Speck, have overlooked people who don’t want bulky cases but do want refined-looking, expert protection,” said Jason Naylor, Ballistic’s vice president of marketing. “Ballistic serves those individuals by clearly defining, right on the front of the package, how our cases protect devices. We have a case for every lifestyle, whether you’re a mom on the go or a rugged professional.”


Ballistic is claiming better protection than competitors Otterbox and Speck, see below.


The cases were certainly impressive and performed well, they even threw their own phones in the air and let them drop. One demo even had them throwing them from a 15 foot platform, shocking some passers by who weren’t aware what was going on. If you’re in the market for heavy duty protection, check out Ballistic’s lineup! Hit the link below!


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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