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Quick Review: Pelican Protector CE1150 Case For iPhone 5/5s

When you land on Pelican’s homepage you don’t automatically think mobile phone cases and accessories. That’s because Pelican makes a variety of products, each one of them made to be tough and resilient. So is the case with their Pelican Protector Series CE1150 case for the iPhone 5/5s.


The first thing I noticed about the CE1150 was the stiffness and rigidity of the plastic shell, it looks and feels like it can take a beating, and that’s what Pelican is all about. Here’s a quick run down of Pelican’s bullet points on this case.

  • Elastomeric Copolymer rubber interior absorbs shock and impact
  • Engineering grade polymer for ultimate impact protection
  • Simple snap together construction
  • Cover wraps over screen edge protecting all sides of the device from drops
  • Smooth outer shell easily slides into pockets and bags
  • Guaranteed for life

While you will find many other case manufacturers using inner TPU linings in their cases to absorb shock Pelican has opted for Elastomeric Copolymer already fused onto the case itself. That layer of protection is important as there are two forms of impact that a phone will take once it’s dropped. I refer to these as brute force impact and shock force impact. The exterior of the CE1150 is designed to take that brute force impact. It’s solid and will protect the phone from being dented, cracked or marred. The inner Elastomeric Copolymer coating takes the second impact which is shock force, taking the shock wave generated from the brute force impact and distributing it.

I found the CE1150 well above average into the realm of excellent when it comes to device protection. This thing is right up there with your Otterboxes and Ballistic cases. While it shares space with those aforementioned companies it does have one distinct advantage. It’s much slimmer and easier to handle than their competitors. While the CE1150 isn’t a slim case it certainly isn’t all that bulky. It fit into my pockets just fine without making it feel as if I had a brick in there. The buttons retain their tactile responsiveness and the case feels great in the hand. One of the nicest things about the CE1150 is the raised lip around the front. It’s very pronounced but adds a great amount of protection to the front of your device.

Overall I found the CE1150 well worth your time and it’s reasonably priced at $39.95USD. Brute force protection is top notch with this case as well as shock force protection. Pelican has the whole package covered with the CE1150. While not in the category of slim, it’s also not bulky. It fits nicely in the hand and doesn’t crowd pockets or purses. I highly recommend this case if you want some tough protection all the way around but don’t want to over bulk your pockets. You can pick up your CE1150 at the link below.

Pelican CE1150

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