Kickstarter: TYLT Starts Funding Drive For Energi 2k Travel Charger



We here at Techaeris are quite familiar with TYLT products.  We’ve used and reviewed more than a few of them, and have always had exceptionally positive experiences.  We were excited to see that TYLT has just opened a new Kickstarter campaign for the Energi 2k Travel Charger with Built-in Battery.  Here’s a quick rundown of the specs:

ENERGI 2K TC InUse-Green

TYLT today launched a Kickstarter campaign for its highly anticipated Energi 2K Travel Charger. Utilizing TYLT’s patented technology, the brightly colored Energi 2K is an affordable 2-in-1 USB wall charger that doubles as a portable battery for on-the-go charging.

TYLT unveiled its Energi 2K prototype at the 2014 CES, where it was named a Best of Show Finalist by iLounge and was one of Travel + Leisure’s Best New Travel Gadgets for 2014. The Energi 2K combines several features that make it the most convenient travel charger for the everyday user:

  • Early bird Kickstarter price of $20, a 50% discount from the $40 retail price

  • Foldable AC wall prongs

  • Internal, rechargeable 2,200mAh battery

  • Universal USB port

  • 1 amp circuit for rapid charging

  • LED battery status indicator

After completing two successful Kickstarter campaigns for the Energi+ Backpack and VU Wireless Charger in 2013, the TYLT team is excited to introduce their latest product to the Kickstarter community and start a dialogue about innovation in portable charging. TYLT is seeking $50,000 for UL testing fees and an initial production run and will deliver product to backers in July 2014.


TYLT has promised an exceptionally fast turnaround time on delivering the Energi 2K to Kickstarter backers, noting that the Kickstarter funds will be used for UL testing and an initial product run.  While it would be easy to scoff at their timeline, TYLT has proven via Kickstarter several times in the past that they are able to deliver on what they promise.  The current lowest price of entry is the Early-Bird level of $20.  This will get you an Energi 2K in your choice of red, blue, green, or black.  Check out the source link below if you’re interested.


Source:  Kickstarter

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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