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Yesterday, Stormy Beach, Justin Jelinek, and I (Blake Mitchell) sat down for a live “Hangout On Air” with Sam Yang, founder of Kairos, a manufacturer of a new mechanical smart watch hybrid. You may remember that I gushed over this smart watch a few weeks back, going on and on about how sexy it was. I talked about some of the tech, what they are doing, and the pre-order period that they are having that will end in a couple of weeks.

We spent the time on this chat talking about a litany of things. Sam gave us more details about what they are doing technologically. He talked about the difference in the two screen types and why you want the Dot Matrix over the ICON. He talked about the difference in the Japanese and Swiss movements. He also talked about how the power for the smart components and mechanical portions operated independently: if the battery for the smart components dies, the mechanical portion would continue to operate as a normal watch would.

In addition to all the hardware talk we spoke briefly about software, how the device would be sold, and how Kairos as a company has been received by potential buyers and investors. The talk was fun and informative for us and we are sure that if you have  an interest in Kairos as a product or in hearing someone talk about starting a small hardware company, you will enjoy the video. If you have any questions that we may have missed comment below, email us, or hit us up on social media. We will be glad to investigate on your behalf or you can also check out the Kairos Frequently Asked Questions page.

Give it a watch below and give us your feedback. We would love to do more of these types of productions. Feel free to suggest people or companies you would like to hear from. You can find more great content like this by following us on Google+ or by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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