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Google Glass: The Tech You Love To Hate(?)


Tax Day (4.15.14) was the day to become a Glasshole part of Google’s Glass Explorer program.  For a mere $1500 any one was  able to purchase Glassware without an invite from The Goog.  The Explorer Bundle included a Glass headset, frames (optional), a mono earbud, your choice of sunglass frame, charger and a pouch.   Because most of us tech geeks already wear regular glasses, Google has made very basic hipster-like frames (offered for free yesterday,  regular retail cost *read: what I paid* $225), with a special cut out for the Glass head set.  Lenses for these frames can be ordered by searching through Google’s Preferred Provider Network of eyecare professionals.  These providers will custom fit your Glassware to your frames  enhancing your experience (Glass lenses are only available at a prescription up to +/-4).  There is also an option  (in NY or LA) to go to a Glass Boutique and have your Glassware fitted professionally which includes a short tutorial on all that things your new tech can do.

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