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Rumor: Moto 360 Images Surface Ahead Of Announcement

Well folks, the press only event in Chicago today seems to have produced some leaked images of the Moto 360. The images show the round smartwatch without its strap and sitting in a display cradle. Looks sleek but the images are not the best so I’m sure the “in the flesh” version will be much nicer. Keep in mind these are leaked images and may or may not be the real deal.

Apple is getting set to launch its “iWatch” on September 9th and the Moto 360 is looking to steal some of that thunder. The wearable market is just starting to ignite, there really hasn’t been a huge amount of interest from the general public in wearables so it is a ripe market to be in. Now it is just a matter of who is going to get in and take the reigns of said market. The Moto 360 is a pretty good looking piece of hardware, much nicer than either the Samsung offering or the LG. But keep an eye out for other smarwatch makers as well, like Kairos and other small specialty companies. Next week it’s Apple’s turn, with all their issues this week, can they shine with a new wearable? It remains to be seen. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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