Apple Supplier Accused Of Labor Violations In China


This has not been a stellar week for Apple. The iCloud celebrity nude photo hack is still fairly fresh in the news and Apple shares are dropping hard. Now groups in China are accusing an Apple supplier in China of labor violations.

This is not the first time an Apple supplier has come under question for labor violations and Apple is not the only company who has had to answer for it. Samsung and other electronics makers who do a bulk of manufacturing in China have had these allegations brought against them.

The allegations involve employees at a factory in the eastern China city of Suqian that is owned by Catcher Technology, a Taiwan company, and that makes metal casings for Apple iPads and for other consumer electronics companies. The employees are made to work excessive overtime and handle toxic chemicals without proper protective clothing, according to a report released Thursday by Green America, an environmental nonprofit group, and China Labor Watch, a workers’ rights group based in New York.

In a statement on Thursday, Apple said its most recent annual audit of the Suqian plant, in May, had “found some concrete areas for improvement in Catcher’s operations, and we worked with Catcher to develop a corrective action plan.”

With the iPhone 6 due to be announced in less than a week along with a possible iWatch, these public relation challenges for Apple could not have come at a worse time. Share holders are becoming nervous, and even with a new iPhone just around the corner are jumping ship because of this week’s controversies. We’ll be keeping our eye on September 9th for the iPhone 6 announcement and see if things turn around for Apple. For now, their PR department is working hard.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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