8 wearable pieces of technology that we can expect to see in 2018


If you thought that 2017 was a good year for wearable tech, wait until you check out this year’s list. Although it’s still too early to comment on everything, we have selected ten of the most interesting upcoming gadgets that we will hopefully be able to try out for ourselves by the end of this year.

Amazon Smartglasses

Proportionality sized smartglasses powered by Amazon’s own Alexa are said to be on the cards in 2018, but it will likely not have any AR capabilities. The most impressive bit about the Amazon Smartglasses will reportedly be its bone-conduction audio technology, which will make traditional audio equipment like earbuds and headphones unnecessary.

The Smart Patch

E Ink, Qualcomm, and Samsung have taken a heavy interest in smart patches, so you can anticipate some pretty amazing wearable patches to be launched in 2018. Although the exact details are not clear at this point, we are hoping to see sophisticated patches with their own displays, capable of monitoring the wearer’s physiological conditions (heart rate, stress level, etc.).

Pimax VR

If you think you know VR, wait till you try out the 8K resolution and 200-degree field of view on the Pimax VR headset! The super-high resolution and the wide field of view will make virtual reality content look extra sharp and abolish the “screen door effect” respectively.

Oculus Go and Santa Cruz

Facebook’s Oculus Rift offers the most realistic and immersive gaming experience possible yet on VR, but the company is about to step up their game by launching the next-gen wireless VR gaming headsets, aka the Oculus Go and the Oculus Santa Cruz.


How about a sleep tracking device that is accompanied by a lamp specialized for light therapy? That’s what you are going to get from Circadia in 2018 to make sure that you are getting the most out of your snooze time.

Smart Pills?

Smart Pills

Monitoring your internal temperatures, ensuring that the pill you just took is properly digested, and also keeping your doctors updated with whether or not the pills are actually working; these are but a few of the features which we expect to see from smart pills this year and Ingestibles is our biggest bet in this field.

Embr Wave

Imagine a device that can keep your body cool, even when it’s 100-degrees outside, or heat you up during those cold winter months; that’s exactly what Embr Wave is aiming for. It’s a device that you will wear on your wrist and then forget about weather conditions altogether (hopefully!).

Temporary Smart Tattoo

Before you know it, you could be trying on a new tattoo design temporarily on your wrist, while using the same piece of art as a trackpad and mouse buttons for your laptop or smartphone! Yes, that might just become a thing in 2018 and it’s already in use really, known as DuoSkin. While none of these amazing upcoming gadgets are likely to replace your Jaybird Bluebuds X anytime soon, it’s quite astonishing to think how far we have come in the last decade in regard to wearable technology alone. It also makes us wonder what else we will be discussing ten years later in 2028!

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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