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Alex and I had the opportunity to speak with Rachel Valentine – Community Manager for ZUUL Labs.  ZUUL currently has their first game in Kickstarter, Tall Tails.  We posted a preview of Tall Tails last week, and it was great getting to talk to Rachel about the game’s progress.  As it stands right now, Tall Tails is 53% funded, with just over $80k of their requested $150k pledged with just under a week left.  We’d like to thank Rachel for chatting with us during what is a certainly a very busy time for her, and all of ZUUL Labs.

During this hangout, we got to learn a little bit more about the ZUUL team, their background, how they came together, and why they’re so dedicated to helping rescue dogs.  We reinforced that the ZUUL name is not a direct homage to Ghostbusters, but in fact the name of the server that many of the crew worked on in college.  We discussed the Kickstarter process, how that’s affected the team. what types of promotion they’ve done, and how their efforts will change during the final stretch of their Kickstarter campaign.

I had an opportunity to introduce my very own rescue dog, and tell the story about how my wife and I got her.  My dog made a point to lick my face, her usual greeting.

We had a good long talk about gameplay, puzzles, the Adventure Stage at the top of every puzzle map, monsters/obstacles and much more.  Alex and I both agreed that the art style and animation looks amazing, and that bright vibrant graphics don’t always indicate a kid’s game.

At the end of the Hangout, things went a little bit off the rails, with discussions of everything from Yoda, to Frozen, to…Bronies?  That was certainly an experience that you’ll need to see.  In the end, we had a very nice discussion about what should prove to be a high quality game.  If you missed the hangout, you can check out the video embedded below.  Once you’ve watched, please consider donating to ZUUL’s Kickstater here.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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