Microsoft Dropping Internet Explorer From Some Phones


Microsoft clearly has a bug to bear with Internet Explorer. After millions spent on adverts convincing us IE is the best browser. They appear to be giving up and not only renaming the browser. Also dropping its use from mobile phones, albeit only a few of them.

Now that the Nokia deal is complete and Microsoft will be producing the popular phones from now on they are making changes aplenty. Opera and Microsoft have inked a deal for the ‘Opera Mini’ browser to be the default internet app on large ranges of phones.

Microsoft Mobile

internet explorer ashaMicrosoft’s current Asha handsets as well as the new Series 30+ and Series 40 handsets will all have Opera installed as default form now on. With current users that have the Xpress browser being encouraged to upgrade to Opera with new terms of agreement.

Opera Mini is no slouch when it comes to usage, featuring data compression options long before Google Chrome. It has in excess of 250 million users at the moment with more than 100 million preferring to use it on their Android handsets. A major plus given the deluge of browsers available on Android, not least Googles own Chrome.

Opera Opening Scene

internet explorer iconThe price point of the phones they have inked this deal with are aimed squarely at low budget and emerging markets. Given operas excellent data compression this may be a big hit with those less affluent or without big data allowances. With a much higher ability than the current Xpress browser users are given at the moment.

We are lead to believe the agreement will not extend to Windows Phone handsets, all of which use a mobile optimised version of Internet Explorer. Could Microsoft give up on Internet Explorer completely? Doubtful but they are evidently going through some major changes. Stay tuned for more on the Internet Explorer adventure!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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