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Summer is winding down and the Pumpkin Spice fairies have already begun to spread their magic dust.  The days are growing shorter, and the children have returned to their educational babysitters. These events can only mean one thing: sportsball season is here! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the sports people are putting their puckeggballs into the goalbasketzone. And what do we do for sportsball games? WE TAILGATE! And do we want to lug around a big, heavy cooler with a bunch of ice and drinks and a grill and forget half the grill materials? No way! There is a super nice guy who has thought of these things and is trying to create a fast, easy, and convenient way to tailgate responsibly without all the hassle and prep but he needs your help!

Introducing the Instagate! It’s a tailgate kit in a box! It comes with practically everything you and up to 9 friends need – except the food and drinks and friends. Currently it’s at 95 backers with $21,882 of the $25,000 goal and it has 29 days to go, it’s very attainable (especially considering the average pledge per backer is a whopping $232 and I’ve had to update this twice in the last 30 minutes it took to write this).

If you get in before the Instagate goes live, and you should, you can snatch up a full version for only $39 (plus $12 shipping in US only) where the estimated retail value is around $60, so already you’re saving some cash. However if you want to go lower you can get your hands on that sweet lighter that doubles as a bottle opener or a t-shirt so you can rep the brand!



Now wait, let’s talk about the specifics of what you are going to throw your money at. The box itself – it’s a cooler, a stand for the provided grill, and is a table.


Look how sweet that is. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Those little tables, they could be kind of flimsy, what if I set my drink on it and it falls over? Well it’s not flimsy! It has FREAKING LOCKING TABLE HINGES. AND there’s locking grill stand holders so even if a dance party breaks out while you’re tailgating, the grill is securely in place. It’s like they knew you’d be slightly clumsy and bump into it! It’s super easy too, a child could do it while they were fetching you a beverage. It’s genius.

Let’s talk about the convenience tray because it’s SO CONVENIENT! Seriously, it’s got 12 cups, 20 condiment packages, a lighter/bottle opener, 10 plates, 10 sets of silverware, 2 ping pong balls, a flipper, tongs, and a poke-the-coals/marshmallow cooking stick, 20 napkins, and even a disposable bag for the applicable pieces of your Instagate.


The cooler holds up to 60 quarts, or enough for around 35 cans of your beverage of choice WITH ROOM for ice, and your favorite grilling meats.

Did I happen to mention everything in the Instagate is eco-friendly with a recyclable cooler and grill, and literally everything else included is biodegradable? Oh yeah, there’s that too. Most products in the Instagate are made with recycled materials as well.

Whether you’re gung ho for sportsball season and are looking for a compact way to bring food and fun, BBQing at a friend’s house, pre-gaming for the last awesome concert before winter, or on a super cute picnic LARPing with all your friends, the Instagate is an affordable and awesome way to spend more time partying and less time packing, setting up, and cleaning! You can check out all the Insta-deets on their Kickstarter page and their promo video below!

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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