Down Goes Guardians! No Good Deed Tops Weekend Box Office


Sam Miller’s dramatic thriller, No Good Deed, about a convict stalking and terrorizing a woman and her children is what finally took down Guardians of The Galaxy over the weekend. With the summer popcorn season slowly coming to and everyone in the world having seen it at least once by now, it looks like Guardians’ time at the top is officially over as it’ll slowly begin sliding down the charts along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles constantly nipping at its heels. Don’t feel too bad for James Gunn and crew, though. The film officially passed the $300 million mark over the weekend; bringing the film’s gross to $306 million total over the last month and a half.

No Good Deed, starring Taraji Henson and Pacific Rim’s Idris Elba brought in a solid $24.5 million during its opening weekend to top the box office. At a relatively small budget of $13 million No Good Deed is already profitable and, with no massive blockbusters in the near future, it is likely that it will keep raking in some decent cash over the next couple weekends. Despite some not-so-great reviews from critics, it’s not likely to slow it down too much. Word of mouth from casual movie goers is usually enough to propel a shallow thriller like this one for a solid couple weekends at the very least. While he’s no Denzel, Idris Elba is a crowd pleaser and is starting to really make a name for himself as a lead that can bring in a lot of viewers.

Another debut that did well over the quiet weekend, Dolphin Tale 2, came in a distance second bringing in $16.6 million and just missing the mark of it’s predecessor which made $19.2 million in its own opening weekend back in 2011.

Let’s Be Cops continued to somehow trick people into thinking it’s a movie worth seeing as it once again remained in the top five for the weekend, barely hanging on at number five and beating out the Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini crime drama, The Drop. The two films brought in $4.3 and $4.2 million respectively. It’s also worth noting that The Drop will be the last new film featuring James Gandolfini, as it was finished shortly before his death in June of last year.

Year-over-year, this weekend was a bit of a letdown, coming in a little over $20 million short of last year when Indisious Chapter 2 and The Family lead the charge, making a combined $54 million out of the weekend’s $103 million.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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