Retailer Leaks Upcoming Galaxy Alpha ‘A5’ Handset


In 2014, everything leaks! Some companies hold onto details longer than others, but the Internet always finds out some juicy details. With so many people involved from start to finish it’s almost impossible to keep everything under wraps and leaks frequently surface – sometimes a blurry shot of parts on an assembly line, or a full hands on video from a distributor’s son!

Samsung is no stranger to leaks of both software and hardware. The new Galaxy Alpha line has been no exception, with the new Alpha or ‘A’ family info and images coming thick and fast now.

Days after we told you about the Sam Mobile leaking some info about the anticipated second Galaxy Alpha ‘A7’ handset, we have now been treated to some info about the possible new Alpha ‘A5’ which seems to conform a lot of the rumored specs. The leak this time comes from a Kazakhstan retailer catalog!

Mid Range Quality

Listing the Galaxy Alpha ‘A5’ in the catalog for 99,990 KZT,  which is around $550, it packs a hefty premium price tag – even though its specs are not premium. It lists the A5 to include a 1.2GHz duel core (thought to be the SD 400) processor, 13 megapixel rear camera and running Android 4.4, making us believe that this may be more of an entry level version of a Galaxy Alpha device – a big step down from the rumored Alpha ‘A7’ leaked by Sam Mobile.

Galaxy Alpha
The Alpha ‘A7’ is alleged to boast a 64-bit quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, and a full HD screen, so we may see an Alpha family of devices with a broad range of internal specs to fill a wide price range. The catalog is due to be distributed until November 11, tying in with the speculated launch date by Sam Mobile, despite the leaks we may not have long to wait to see the devices due to launch in November.

It’s great to see Samsung adopting a higher build quality and at the same time giving consumers choice. The Galaxy Alpha is great in the hand and has proven to be a real surprise market contender. Now I just wish they would move to onscreen buttons! Let us know your thoughts on the Alpha range on  your social network of choice or in the comments below.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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