Weekly Rewind: New Blizzard IP, Grumpy Cat, “Space Oddity” Returns, and More – Nov 2-8


From Marvel Universe/Attack on Titan crossovers to a new Blizzard IP and a Grumpy Cat Christmas special, we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at MOARGeek. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in our Weekly Rewind.


Marvel Universe is getting a crossover with Attack on Titan!

Marvel editor C.B. Cebulski revealed on Twitter that a crossover between the Marvel Universe and Attack On Titan is coming in two weeks to Japan. No joke!

Sure, The Flash could run at 186 mph and save you from getting hit by a 30 mph taxi, but should he? Researchers from the University of Leicester say no.


Oh boy… this is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a Lifetime original Grumpy Cat Christmas special.

Last weekend’s number one movie, Ouija, and the debuting Nightcrawler held a virtual tie for the top film over the slowest Halloween weekend in four years.

Blomkamp’s latest Chappie is due out next year.

Coming in Spring 2015 is Neill Blomkamp’s newest sci-fi project, Chappie, about a first-of-his-kind robot coming alive in an unforgiving human world. Because Die Antwoord.

Mark Wahlberg is teaming up once again with Peter Berg to bring The Six Million, erm Billion, Dollar Man to the big screen.


Grand Theft Auto V is getting a first-person view mode!

Holy crap! Grand Theft Auto fans are finally getting something they’ve wanted for a long time with the current-gen remakes of GTA V – a first-person mode!

Just as Blizzard is entering the MOBA arena with Heroes of the Storm, EA is bowing out of the MOBA business. The gaming giant announced their free-to-play game Dawngate will officially end in 90 days.

Nintendo finally confirmed the remake every Zelda fan has been dreaming about, as Majora’s Mask will make the jump to the 2DS/3Ds in 2015.

Not much was said about Splatoon at Nintendo’s Direct today, but they did give us an exciting trailer and details about the game’s single-player mode.

Some pretty big news out of this year’s Blizzcon. Check out the new trailer for Hearthstone‘s next expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes, and get ready to play it on your Android tablets next month.


As if Hearthstone on Android wasn’t news enough, Blizzard announces first new game franchise in 17 years, a team-based, first-person shooter called Overwatch. TAKE MY MONEY BLIZZARD!


Check out his remake of the popular song “All About That Bass” as Nerdist and Team Unicorn, team up to give us “All About That Base.” The video takes the already outrageous visuals from the original and makes them Star Wars themed.

Ahead of his album due this month, and to celebrate 15 years of Shady Records, Eminem has released the first video in a series called Shady XV Quinceañera.

Pop Culture

You’ve probably seen this before. We sit down with Ryan Bliss, aka Digital Blasphemy.

We were lucky enough to have an opportunity to ask a few questions and get to know the artist behind massively popular site Digital Blasphemy, Ryan Bliss.

Yay! Canada’s greatest gift to the world, a video of Chris Hadfield playing “Space Oddity” on a guitar while in orbit around the Earth, is back on YouTube. If you missed it the first time around, go check it out now!


DreamWorks Animation has announced a new animated series coming exclusively to Netflix based around Madagascar‘s lord of the lemurs, King Julien.


Go see Nightcrawler.

The first of many reviews this week, Nightcrawler is an incredibly entertaining descent into madness that Jake Gyllenhaal portrays masterfully.

What week would be complete without The Walking Dead? Read last week’s recap/review before tonight’s episode as we finally saw what happened to Beth with a nice side episode that introduced a whole new group of survivors and their love of lollipops.

This week’s South Park was the definition of playing it safe by choosing a topic that everyone agrees with then doing nothing interesting with it.

What do you do when you’ve recorded yourself having sex, only to find out it backed up to the cloud? Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz find out in the hilarious movie Sex Tape.

That about wraps up our Weekly Rewind – look for our recap every Sunday for a quick glance at what you may have missed over the past week. As always, the staff here at MOARGeek thanks you – our readers – for checking us out throughout the week and thank you for your continued support. After all, we write because we love to share what interests us and keep you informed on geek stuff from around the world!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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