Google And Facebook Battle Over 15 year Old


More at ease with competing to pull users to their services, Google and Facebook are not engaged in a war of coding or marketing for once. They are fighting it out to attract a new name to their business.  This isn’t a new highflying exec or a marketing genius, it’s a 15 year old ‘whizz kid’.

Ben Pasternak has attracted the attention of Google and Facebook after releasing his game, Impossible Rush, into the App store. Impossible rush shows the same addictive play other stellar games such as flappy bird have, hitting like a storm and now sitting atop of Google and Twitter and in the Apple App store charts.

Intern In Demand

internship battle ben
The Only picture that seems to exist for Ben Pasternak

Facebook’s internship programme has already reached out to the 15-year-old school boy to offer him a tour of the campus, while one of Google’s vice presidents has asked him come along for a lengthy visit after joining them at the joint MIT sponsored Hack Generation Y this weekend.

“Pasternak is a young entrepreneur and clearly ambitious, he has shown the world that age is just a number. (His) iPhone app was extremely impressive and if we were to guess – we would never imagine it was run by a 15-year-old.” – Michael Matias, lead organiser of Hack Generation Y

Whatever option he chooses – Facebook, Google or a tour of both – he’s got a huge and bright future in a world dominated by mobile technology. He’s not stopping there though. He is deep in planning to launch an app called ‘One’, which aims to filter all your social media profiles into one app. This has been tried many times before, so it’s exciting to see where he takes it.

Have you played Impossible Rush? Or even heard of it? Let us know your mini reviews in the comments below or on your social media of choice.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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