Sony Delay Q3 Results And Braces For More Leaks


It’s been all quiet on the Sony front since they released the Interview online. However, they have stated that embarrassing info about Adam Sandler films is the least of their worries.  The extensive cyber-attacks and leaks of information will delay any release of financial results.

The cyber-attacks have not only lead to leaking a mass amount of data, Sony has also revealed that most of their financial and accounting software won’t be back up and running until February at least. The scheduled press conference on February 4th will still take place, but only to announce financial forecasts for the upcoming quarter. They have appealed to financial regulators to extend the filing of data until March 31st.

More Leaks Incoming

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Same Same… But different – More leaks incoming?

It remains to be seen if Sony will eventually be able to move on, as several industry sources quoted by Page Six, have revealed more leaks may be coming. They show Sony Entertainment head Michael Lynton is preparing for more info to come to light, and issuing apologies in advance of any public information, including contract details of One Direction, Adele, Beyoncé, AC/DC, and David Bowie.

The nightmare doesn’t seem to end from the hacks that took place last November, with masses of embarrassing and damaging information already leaked online, Page Six describes Sony Music executives as “really stressed their stuff is going to get leaked”. If its anything like the Sony pictures information leaked they could see salaries, medical records and contracts available freely online.

The fight goes backwards and forwards over the perpetrator of the cyber attacks. North Korea’s involvement in the hack in contesting the release of the Interview or if, as security experts have pointed out, was it an inside job? What is clear is the megabytes of data revealed already are nothing compared to the gigabytes that are thought to have been stolen. Sony may hope the band aid is ripped off quickly, rather than the slow painful results at the moment.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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