Google Earth Pro Is Now Free


Google has announced that Google Earth Pro, a premium version of the well-known Google Earth, is now free for everyone. For the past 10 years, access to the Pro service would cost you a cool $399 per year, but Google is dropping the price point entirely.

Anyone who has causally flown around their neighborhood just to see what it looks like has a general idea of what Google Earth itself is. The main difference with Google Earth Pro, of course, has always been its more advanced tools used primarily in a business environment. Features such as the ability to measure buildings in 3D, print HD images, and “record HD movies of your virtual flights around the world” are now available to the general public.

Google Earth Pro is free starting today and anyone wishing to play around with it can grab a free key from Google themselves, download the software, and be good to go. Anyone who has had Google Earth Pro access previously will experience no changes, other than your wallet being $399 lighter every year.

This isn’t the end of Google Earth costing a deal of money for larger businesses however, as Google still has Google Earth Enterprise in their pockets. The even pricier version of Google Earth gives developers access to the full range of Google Map APIs conveniently in the cloud. Far more than any individual person would need, but perfect in a large business environment.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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