New Gotham Promo Gives First Look At Teenage Joker

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It was revealed last week that The Joker would be making an appearance sometime this season on Gotham, and it looks as if it’ll be happening next week. Joker’s trademark cackling coming from a red-haired teenager with a teaser that claims this next villain “is no joke,” should be obvious enough to get across that this is indeed Batman’s most recognizable villain. And it looks as if Gotham finally has cast a villain to be the appropriate age given that Bruce Wayne himself is still a child.
The teenage Joker was revealed at the end of last night’s Gotham in a promo that ran down all the iconic Batman characters the show has featured so far – and also Fish Mooney for some reason. Not much is revealed about how he’ll actually be used in the episode, but it appears as though his origin story won’t involve him starting as an innocent child like the most recent addition, Scarecrow. Instead, it looks as if he is already distrubed at least on some minor level, which makes sense. No one wants to a see a tame Joker frolicking in the streets of Gotham. We want blood, scars, murder, and laughter.
At the end of last night’s episode, Dr. Thompkins did comically ask Gordon out on a date to “the circus” so there’s a pretty good chance that’s where we’ll first run into him.

Gotham’s first season will head into its 16th episode titled “The Blind Fortune Teller” next Monday on FOX at 8/7c.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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