Google Search May Soon Suggest Dance Moves


Ever been at a party and wondered what the track or song they are playing is? Yes all the time. Luckily Google has you covered with a quick search. Ever wanted to have a dance, but didn’t know the moves to go with the song? No me either, but a new patent by Google could have Google Glass or a similar wearable suggesting your dance moves.

Yes you read that right, new software could see a wearable, in this case Google Glass, turning real life into a game of Dance Dance revolution. Using the technology to listen to a playing song, analysing beats and rhythm and then recommending dance moves.

The content identification module may provide information associated with a content of the media sample, such as identification of the song and the dance, to the wearable computing system.  The wearable computing system may determine dance steps corresponding to the content of the media sample and may generate a display of the dance steps on the HMD [head mounted display].” – Google patent 13/303,320

Once Google search has found a suitable dance in its library it could display the moves in the form of a video of others performing the routine, or dancing to the same song. Enabling the user to understand what moves or tempo is acceptable (according to Google). That’s presuming anyone would want to dance with you whilst wearing what’s considered by some a cultural faux pas.

google glass dance

Google seem motivated to innovating technology in numerous ways, this technology could be featured in Google’s next version of Glass. Google are said to be perfecting a new version more suited to general sale after rumour suggested it would be canned after the Explorer Edition was removed from sale.

It’s clear Glass has its perfect use cases, however even perfectly choreographed dance moves may not help any consumer push of a technology so hindered by privacy concerns and social rejection. With even Google admitting they played it wrong who knows what they will come up with next.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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