Tomorrow's Agents Of SHIELD Includes Winter Soldier Flashback


Agents of SHIELD is getting arguably its strongest link to the main Avengers films tomorrow night when a flashback shows Bobbi and Mack on one of the helicarriers from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Previously, the ABC show has done some tie-ins with other Avengers films and Captain America 2 itself in the form of major plot changes and even cameo appearances, but never before have they shown characters directly in a situation related to a film.
The episode, titled “One Door Closes”, features a flashback sequences with the two rogue ex-Coulson employees as they deal with the initial aftermath of Hydra re-emerging and effectively taking down SHIELD. At the end of the 1:40 clip we see Bobbi and Mack arrive upon a gun-toting and paranoid Agent Gonzalez. Gonzalez, as we now know, eventually goes to reform SHIELD opposite of Agent Coulson who believes he is in charge after Nick Fury’s death.

Agent Coulson and Agent May also appear to be completely aware of Bobbi and Mack’s betrayal at this point as well. At one point Coulson asks “what the hell does that mean” in reference to the “real” SHIELD that Gonzalez has formed. The two of them also realized they messed up big time when they remember that Mack has all of the schematics for their secret base.
It may not be the Captain America or Iron Man cameo that many Agents of SHIELD fans want, but this may be the closest we get for a while. “One Door Opens” airs during Agents of SHIELD‘s normal time slot of 9:00 PM EST Tuesday.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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