New iPad Pro Leak Hints At Dual Ports


Is the iPad Pro ever going to come? I’ve been writing (and dreaming) about it for months. With a leak every now and again it’s hard to dismiss it actually coming. Originally billed to launch alongside the new MacBook it is still absent from the lineup, but new images of a dummy device have a few more details hidden in them.

New images and details from HDBlog show rather strangely cropped pictures of a purported dummy device – and speculation of dual lightning ports. This sounds frankly ridiculous, but it’s not the first time Apple’s iPad Pro has been linked with dual ports. Some have detailed how the 12.9 inch version of Apple’s tablet could be connected to a keyboard and/or mouse from as many as three ports.

Lightning Strikes Twice

These kinds of rumours have currently revolved around USB 3.0 ports, or the new USB ‘Type C’ Connector used on the new MacBook. However a laptop that only sports one port alongside an iPad with two looks unlikely. Coupled with talk of a mouse almost universally sinks the rumour. The amount of overhaul iOS would need in order to support even occasional use makes this seem remote.

ipad pro leak

So quite what Apple had planned for two USB ports never mind about two lightning ports is impossible to say. This could just be something Apple is exploring or simply a test device with different options. Unfortunately the wait will be until at least September to find out, as production has been pushed back yet again.

With such a huge screen Apple is setting sights on enterprise in the first instance, looking to improve on the market usually stuck between purchasing a middle range iPad with a bluetooth keyboard or a laptop. Stylus support is also touted which is sure to muscle in on those thinking of a Surface Pro, however as with everything Apple details are thin on the ground.

When it does finally launch we look set to at least see a huge battery life and devices sporting silver, space grey and gold paint jobs.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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