Dropbox Ready To Release Cloud Document Editor

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Cloud services are the new cool, gone are the days of bulky software you had to install on every machine you used. Gone are the days of licences and yearly fees, as long list of companies now give document editing services away free (at least in part). Now it would seem that major Google Drive competitor Dropbox wants to muscle in on Google Docs too.

In true Internet fashion, the service has apparently leaked, showing the storage company’s plans to build a word processing service into its storage options. The service won’t just compete with Google Docs and Apple’s iCloud service, but also Evernote.

A new product called Composer briefly appeared on Product Hunt before access was swiftly closed off by Dropbox. Unfortunately for Dropbox several people were able to gain access and detailed its ability as an online notepad for creating documents – including the ability for group editing.

dropbox-logoFighting Market

Once the golden child of Silicon Valley, Dropbox has been fighting on several fronts to compete with free services including having to slash prices and increase storage plans just to compete in what is now a huge market for online storage. Almost every company recognises the threat that Google’s services pose. Microsoft has been improving its paid and free services, even Box has a service called Notes for online document editing and creation.

Couple this with Dropbox acquiring Hackpad almost a year ago, an online document collaboration service, along with purchasing CloudOn who originally made Microsoft documents accessible on mobiles devices, and it’s not far fetched that Dropbox would be working on new features. The CloudOn technology is believed to have been rolled into their ambitious Project Harmony, available to enterprise customers since December, which allows online collaboration of Microsoft Office documents saved on Dropbox.

Several agencies have reached out to Dropbox to comment on the service, but as yet they are remaining tight lipped – leading many to believe Composer is still a ways off from being announced. This service may never see the light of day but it’s a clear indication that they will be releasing something in the near future. However with Google already tying up education and enterprise markets with Drive it may already be too late.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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