Daredevil Now The Second Most Pirated TV Show


Despite being available in its entirety on Netflix in more than 50 countries, Marvel’s Daredevil series is now the second most pirated TV show, according to piracy-tracking data from Excipio. In the week since the series debuted on Netflix on April 10, it has been downloaded by more than 2.1 million individual users worldwide. This number puts it behind only the long-reigning pirated “champion” Game of Thrones, which was downloaded 6.5 million times during the same span.

The Netflix-exclusive series Daredevil revolves around a well-known Marvel hero who, as well as being blind, uses his other enhanced senses to fight crime. It has the titular character, who goes by attorney Matthew Murdock by day, saving the streets of his home slice of New York City, deemed Hell’s Kitchen, from the corruption running through it.

Daredevil‘s biggest pirate appears to be Brazil. More than 190,000 downloaders from the South American country were found to be torrenting Daredevil from April 10 to April 16. Following Brazil was India, the U.S., the U.K., France, and Australia. Save for India, who downloaded the show more than 149,000 times, each of these countries have Netflix Instant Streaming available to them.

Amid growing pressure from visually impaired fans, Netflix even made the series blind accessible, something they don’t normally do for every show. While they didn’t initially plan to do it for Daredevil either, they did eventually respond to fan pressure and added an audio description track for the series.

All 13 episodes oDaredevil are currently on Netflix and available to anyone subscribed to the service for roughly $9.99 USD per month. If you’re interested in the show, or just want to see what we think of it, we are also reviewing new episodes twice weekly at our Daredevil hub page.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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