New iPhone Case Can Charge Your Device By Grabbing Electricity From The Air


Smartphones have pretty much become a normal part of most people’s existence, nearly everyone owns one and it’s almost safe to say everyone’s dies once in awhile. Keeping your device charged and ready to go can be a hassle and lugging around external batteries gets old after sometime. Now U.S. based startup Nikola Labs has discovered a way to grab electricity from the air around you to power your iPhone. This new iPhone case would take the radio and Wi-Fi frequencies generated by your iPhone and convert that into DC power which would power the phone.

The company stated that the mobile phone’s pushing out of the ambient radio frequency necessary for connection caused about 90 percent of its energy to be unjustifiably wasted. This energy proves to be still useful after recapturing as it can power the phone for up to 30 percent longer.

Zell explained that the case is ingrained with harvesting antenna which is responsible for recapturing the wasted RF, subjecting it to conversion process, and then depositing it back to the phone.

This iPhone case isn’t like the power cases you see on the market, it doesn’t have an external battery in it, the case works by collecting the energy from the cell and Wi-Fi signals around it and pushing that energy back into the phone. This project sounds a bit like the project we covered back in November 2013 about two students who were working on Wi-Fi charging. It seems others have been doing the same kinds of research and we could be seeing a new form of powering our devices very soon. What do you think of Nikola Labs iPhone case that harnesses electricity from the air to power the phone? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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