Petition To Make A Sega Dreamcast Limited Edition Hits The Web


There is no question that most of us are die hard fans of something. Whether it be a baseball team, hockey team, comic, pizza or let’s say the Sega Dreamcast. Yeah, the Sega Dreamcast, it has its own base of diehard fans and it seems they’ve started a petition to make a Sega Dreamcast Limited Edition. You can find the petition over on where it has over 900 supporters (as of this writing). Personally I never owned a Dreamcast and I was more of a Nintendo fan back in those days anyway. But I can sure get behind people who are desperate for a little blast from the past.

I do remember my Sega Genesis, but I spent more time with my Super Nintendo than I did with the Genesis. Then when Sony’s Playstation came around I pretty much abandoned both Sega and Nintendo. Sega did have some incredible games though and it would be fun to see those again on something like a Limited Edition Dreamcast. What about you guys. Did anyone own a Dreamcast? What were some of your favorite games? Would you like to see Sega make a Limited Edition? Are you going to sign the petition? Do these petitions even do any good?

Let us know your thoughts and some of your favorite stories about Dreamcast in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. If you missed that link to the petition here it is again.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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