Google Store Tempts With Father’s Day Nexus, Android Wear Deals

With Father’s Day around the corner, Google has been offering some pretty killer deals. The latest and greatest being the almost 25% price cut on the Nexus 6, the Motorola manufactured 6 inch beast. This brings the price down to a much more friendly $499 from the $649 that it was previously. The second, very tempting offer involves the Nexus 9, Google and HTC’s 9-inch tablet. Not a price drop, but  a $50 dollar Play store credit which you might consider putting towards a few things like software, movies, accessories, music, or you could use it to help purchase the Moto 360 which recently dropped from $165 to $149. You also get free shipping which is an extra little bonus.

Other deals include $50 off the Sony Smartwatch 3, $20 off the Nexus Player, and “$70 worth of music and movies with the purchase of a Chromecast.”

Courtesy Google

Courtesy Google

If there’s one deal that may be the most time sensitive, it’s the Nexus 6. Google’s site says the price cut is to “Celebrate with Dads and Grads” which means this may not last too long. The Nexus 9 offer will be around for a touch longer though.

Get $50 in Google Play credit when you buy a Nexus 9 Purchase a Nexus 9 by 6/23/15 and get an email with a promo code for Google Play once it ships. Redeem offer before 9/23/2015.

As for the Moto 360, it could be just a Father’s and Graduate’s time of the year sale, but seeing that the price of the Moto 360 has been consistently dropping, it’s unlikely that price will rebound for a few reasons. Firstly the release of the Apple Watch, and secondly a possible 2nd gen Moto 360. Moto 720? Anyhow, don’t worry too much about jumping on the Moto 360 as quick as you can, we think it’s probably here to stay.

All these price drops and deals mean you could outfit yourself, your dad, your grad, or anyone else for that matter, with the latest Google tech for around $1000 dollars.

Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of any of these deals in the comments or on social media!

  Purchase: Nexus 6  Purchase: Nexus 9  Purchase: Moto 360   Source: Google Play Store   Via: Phandroid
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