Boom Earwear BEOne Earbuds Review: Great Sound With Some Cool Tricks

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Earbud headphones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with a wide variety of features in an extraordinary range of price points. Boom Earwear is a relatively new company with a new line of earbuds. Keep reading our Boom Earwear BEOne earbuds review to see how these earbuds hold up.


The Boom BEOne earbuds have a relatively straightforward design with a few big surprises. The enclosure for each earbud is very slightly larger and heavier than I’m used to, but I had no problems keeping them in my ears. The shape is pretty standard, with the ear tip up front and a rounded top with a slightly tapered back end.

Boom Earwear BEOne 1
Magnets allow you to “clip” the earbuds together.

The ear buds themselves are magnetic, and will clip together to prevent your cords from getting tangled. Boom Earwear isn’t the first to include magnets in their earbuds, but they are definitely one of the first, if not the first to make their magnetic earbuds so easy to differentiate.

With most earbuds you’ll have to look for some sort of indication for the right/left earbud. If you’re using your earbuds in a dark room, or if you’re trying to focus on anything else this might be difficult. Boom has eliminated that concern in a relatively simple, but ingenious manor. The back of the right earbud is slightly convex while the left is slightly concave. When you separate the BEOne earbuds, just feel for the bump on the back and you’ll know that one goes in your right ear, as BEOne points out – Right = Raised, Left = Lowered. The back of each earbud has a lightly textured metal ring for a little extra bit of grip both when clipped together and when you’re inserting the earbud into your ear.

Sorry about the blur, please note the convex protuberance on the back of the earbud
Sorry about the blur, please note the convex protuberance on the back of the earbud

There are other visual indications for Right and Left too – your standard R/L mark in very small letters on the bottom of each earbud for example. The company logo is also only emblazoned on the right earbud, while the one-button control with microphone is attached to the cord of the left earbud.

My only complaints about the overall design of these earbuds is that the opening in the ear tip is rather small. This makes cleaning out any dust or debris (or if we’re all being completely honest with ourselves, the occasional bit of earwax) a bit more difficult. Additionally, the cord seems to like to get itself twisted, even after it’s been completely straightened, just one of life’s great mysteries.

BEOne earbuds are available in black, blue, or red, with color-matched cords to go with your earbud color, though the black earbuds have a dark gray cord. All three colors include a standard gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack, and a nice metal plug and cable Y-split separator.


Earbuds have improved significantly in recent years, and the Boom BEOne earbuds have definitely kept up with the changes in technology. The BEOne earbuds provide a very balanced sound, with strong bass and clear mid/high end. Some earbuds ignore bass entirely, or focus squarely on bass letting mid/high end performance suffer. The BEOne earbuds don’t have that problem, and provide a clear, pleasant listening experience across various genres of music.

Boom Earwear BEOne magnets

I mentioned earlier about the magnets, and the convex/concave way to tell which earbud was which. I also found when using the earbuds at work that it was very easy to simply look for the Boom Earwear logo, put that earbud into my right ear, then with a slight snap to the front I could remove the left earbud and then place that into my left ear. This allowed for quick and easy one-handed operation. Similarly, if the phone rang, or someone came to my desk I could simply remove one ear bud (after pausing the music, of course) and stick it to the earbud left in my other ear. That way I could hear the caller/visitor and wouldn’t risk one of the earbuds getting smashed on my desk, or tangled around the other. This was a definite improvement over my old earbuds when it comes to operation and use.

Reception/Call Quality

With the included microphone on the left earbud cable, the Boom BEOne earbuds can be used to take phone calls. The buds themselves work perfectly for phone calls and callers could hear me without issue. The microphone and button are up a bit higher on the cable than I’m accustomed to, which hopefully makes for a better experience on the other end of the call with less distance to travel between your mouth and the microphone.


Earbuds are a definite example where one size does not fit all, and Boom Earwear has taken that into consideration with the BEOne earbuds. In addition to the default size ear tips, the BEOne’s also include an additional pair of small, medium, and large ear tips which should work for nearly any set of ears. The default tips fit snugly in my ears, but the other options are available if needed. You’ll also get a circular zippered carrying case with your BEOne earbuds. Inside is a small mesh pocket and a large open area to store your earbuds and other small items. You could always stow the extra ear tips in there, though really once you’ve found the appropriate size there probably isn’t much need to carry the rest around with you. The case is small enough to fit in a bag or pocket to help keep the cables from getting tangled in transit.

Boom Earwear BEOne Accessories
A small circular zipper case is included for easy earbud storage.


Starting at $39.99 the Boom Earwear BEOne earbuds are definitely reasonably priced. They offer great sound with some cool features that help them differentiate themselves from most normal ear buds.

Wrap Up

While Boom Earwear isn’t the first company to make magnetic earbuds, the BEOne earbuds get magnetic earbuds right. With plenty of easy ways to determine which earbud goes in which ear – whether you can see the earbuds or not – these are definitely a strong entrant into the category. They sound great too, which absolutely helps. If you are looking for a good pair of earbuds that won’t break the bank, Boom Earwear’s BEOne earbuds should be on your list.

*We were sent a demo unit of the Boom Earwear BEOne Earbuds for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 20, 2020.


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