Palm-Sized Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 Turns Any Display Into A PC


Lenovo has announced a pocket-sized PC stick that will deliver computing experiences to consumers. The Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 transforms any display (TV or monitor) with an HDMI port into a PC, supporting a web-enabled Windows system to use for work or entertainment. Lenovo developed the ideacentre Stick 300 with everyone in mind, as a second or third option for existing PC owners, for use in dorms or offices, as well as a portable and convenient solution for travelers.

Imagine transforming the traditional TV in a vacation rental into a smart multi-media hub, capable of streaming a movie, video chatting with relatives or editing a work document on the fly. Convert the dusty monitor lurking in a spare bedroom into a web-enabled homework station, or transform a coveted man-cave into a home cinema.

Starting at $129USD, the palm-sized ideacentre Stick 300 is only 15mm thin, and is equipped with an Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F, up to 2GB of memory and up to 32GB of storage. With WiFi and Bluetooth support, once you add a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse, it functions exactly like a desktop computer. An SD card reader and USB port allow for extra storage, and easy access to photos, videos, and other documents. An HDMI port is also included on the device.

The ideacentre Stick 300 will initially be available on soon and hit retail stores in the U.S. this fall. It will initially ship with Windows 8.1 and will be upgradable to Windows 10 once it’s released starting on July 29.

What do you think about Lenovo’s addition to the portable stick PC arena? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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