Bethesda Announces Fallout Shelter Android Release Date

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Android users can stop obsessively checking the Google Play store with high hopes, only to be let down… Every. Single. Time. Bethesda has heard our cries and has announced that Fallout Shelter will be arriving on the Android market on August 13th.

After an exclusive release on iOS devices at the E3 announcement, it now comes town to only a mere 17 days that separate you and your very own underground, state-of-the-art vault from Vault-Tec. Oversee your Dwellers and give them skills and as much happiness as one could possibly have with living in an underground society living some 2,000 feet beneath bedrock. You can recruit new Dwellers, you can explore the surface of the planet, you can play match-maker and make your Dwellers fall in love and even make babies! FOUR HUNDRED BABIES! You can give your Dwellers jobs and dress them up and give them weapons and all sorts of neat stuff all for the low low cost of FREE. You just have to wait until the download is ready. Which only seems excruciatingly long, but at least we have a solid release date to set our hearts on instead of empty hope which is all we have had to sustain ourselves on up until this point.

give it to me now

Fallout Shelter is a great way to pass the time until Fallout 4 is released later this year on November 10th. Seemingly exactly what the developers at Bethesda were thinking as Fallout Shelter is a perfect primer for fans and newcomers alike. Below is the official gameplay video but you can check out more about Fallout Shelter on Bethesda’s official website and stay tuned for upcoming news about Fallout 4!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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