How Smart Do You Want Your Watch To Be?


The age of the smartwatch is here and like it or not, they are being marketed everywhere by everyone. From Huawei to Apple and CooKoo to Martian smartwatches come in a potpourri of designs and functions. On one hand you have watches like the Galaxy Gear and the Moto 360 and then you have the CooKoo 2 and the Martian Notifier. So the question is. How smart do you want your watch to be?

The Apple Watch is basically a mini iPhone on your wrist with the ability to not only send text messages and take and make phone calls, but the ability to use real applications and view rich images in vibrant color. Along side the Apple Watch others like the Moto 360 and the LG Urbane perform pretty much the same way each running their respective operating system hybrids (Apple Watch OS and Android Wear). These watches are fun and provide the user a rich variety of interaction that keeps the phone in the pocket and entertainment at the fingertips. These watches are built with a future forward mentality, those who are all in for new technology tend to gravitate towards this class of smartwatch.

Then come the makers like CooKoo and Martian that are not so techy but instead deliver notifications from your phone to your wrist. These watches have a more traditional design and are both analog and digital, though the digital part is more akin to your old Timex digital watch. You won’t find rich vibrant colors or the ability to scroll through your photos or Twitter feed. But you will find a no nonsense way of receiving the data you need at your fingertips. Text messages, phone calls, reminders, calendar and the like are all part of this style of smartwatch. These watches are built with a more nostalgic mentality. Those who want a classic watch look with basic smartwatch needs will tend to choose this over the other option.

So how smart do you want your watch to be? Do you prefer the more rich and complex experience offered by watches like the Gear or the Huawei watch? Or do you prefer to have that classic watch look with full classic analog face and limited yet functional smartwatch features? Where do you think the future of smarwatches is going? With classic companies like Tag Heuer jumping into the arena are classic watches going to die out? Or do smartwatches lose their value almost immediately because at some point the software will become obsolete? Does that mean classic analog watches are here to stay since they retain value longer? So many questions! Feel free to leave your answers below in the comments or on social media and continue the discussion on how smart you want your watch to be.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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