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Could Google’s Next Kid-Friendly Product Be Google Maps For Kids?


Google recently rolled out a kid-friendly version of YouTube and has already expressed the desire to continue to make its products more accessible to kids. Now a recent Google job posting may hint their next kid-friendly project could be Google Maps. The interesting part of the posting is the position seems to be looking for legal counsel rather than a developer.

You will be the Product Counsel for a mixed portfolio of work across Geo and Google’s efforts to make our products more useful to kids. In this role, you’ll work with Product Managers, Engineers and other Geo Product Counsels on a variety of Geo consumer and developer products. You’ll work closely with teams from a wide range of product areas as they explore products designed to delight and enrich kids.

YouTube Kids did get some flack for not being entirely kid-friendly and Google has been working on making that better. Perhaps they’re getting ahead of the legal curve with this project to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Legal issues aside, Google Maps for kids could be a great learning tool that could be used in the classroom, on field trips and even just at home. Google declined to comment on the job posting but the possibilities are wide with a project like this and if they are developing Maps for kids I think it may get a pretty good reception.

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