The Samsung Gear 2 Could Throw Ice Water On The Wearables Market

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Yesterday Samsung announced its eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ phablets in typical glorious Samsung fashion. Breaking up their users into categories the company says the Note 5 is for multi-taskers and the S6 edge+ is for multi-media consumers. While the phones themselves seem to have stirred a mixed reaction from users (3,000 mAh battery anyone?) the end of the event caught my interest the most as Samsung teased a new smartwatch dubbed the Samsung Gear 2.

Samsung Gear2

Earlier this month we reported on a possible Samsung smartwatch coming that was named the Gear A. The watch was said to have a rotating bezel that could be used to interact and input information into the watch but little else was known about it. The Gear A was also said to be running Samsung’s own Tizen software and not Google’s Android Wear and that looks like the case with the Gear 2.

The brief tease of the Gear 2 reveals what appears to be an elegant yet sporty premium build with a handsome face, though it’s hard to tell if the bezel rotates or not. Samsung could have a hit with the Gear 2 and could give Motorola, Huawei and LG all a run for their money as those companies have similarly styled smartwatches. The only problem some users may have with the Gear 2 is that it is not running Android Wear. From Samsung’s past smartwatches though, it seems Tizen plays nice enough – but not perfectly – with all Android phones so it shouldn’t be a huge issue unless you demand Android Wear on your smartwatch.

The previous generations of Samsung smartwatches were some of the first on the market and they have earned a right to have a position of status. But the design and function of those smartwatches left a lot to be desired from some users and I think Samsung may have just fixed that issue. The release of the Gear 2 is Samsung throwing a bucket of ice water on the wearables market to wake up the rest of the manufactures. Let’s hope to see some more exciting smartwatches to come from the competition. This watch could replace my Moto 360, your move Moto.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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