Three New Apple Music Ads Hit Apple’s YouTube Channel


Apple Music is still in its infancy but that’s not stopping Apple from touting its fledgling music service as the service to have. In three new ads uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel, the Cupertino company hits us with what music is available via the streaming service, the effect of music on those who “live and breathe” it and the streaming service’s social Network Connect.

All three ads point to “all the artists you love and are about to love, all in one place,” suggesting Apple Music is the only service you need to subscribe to. Two of the ads place focus on the Connect social network feature. For those who don’t know, the feature allows you to learn more about specific artists as well as follow them, much like a social network. You’ll be updated when new content from that particular artist you followed is released.

In the first ad, we see Kygo, a popular Norwegian DJ and record producer, playing the piano. The ad highlights Apple Music Connect’s ability to allow you to learn more about an artist through their connect profile. In the second ad, we see James Bay, a British musician whose songs “Let It Go” and “Hold Back The River” have a good number of fans. The ad shows Bay playing a song of his, “Craving,” acoustically and the ad also shows off more of Connect’s features.

Finally, we see Kygo, Bay and other musicians, including Flo Morrissey and Leon Bridges among others. This ad is more of a broad spectrum sort of ad where Trent Reznor narrates and highlights how easy music discovery is with Apple Music.

We do have all three ads for you below. While none of these features will revolutionize the streaming industry — as every streaming service has a way to discover new musical content in one form or another — the follow feature might be of interest of fans of certain musicians.

Have you tried Apple Music or do you prefer a different streaming service? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our social media accounts.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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