Four Player Couch Gaming Returns With Clash

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Multiplayer couch gaming, also known as local multiplayer, seems to be dying a slow death on consoles. Not many Xbox One games offer local multiplayer. Clash is a four player local multiplayer indie game from Denmark’s FennecFox Entertainment.

In the game, you’ll go against up to three of your friends all in the comfort of your living room (and hopefully big couch or pair of couches) as you attempt to defeat them in combat. Clash simplifies the fight experience as well giving each character only two options – a magical shield block and a dash attack.

Clash is a beautiful and family friendly game where all ages can play together in a fun and competitive gaming environment. Every character have a unique design and personality, Kibo, the white lion king of the Savannah, Lazarus the furious hunter of the night, Ceto the wimpy protector of the deep and Xian Yu the jolly Guardian of the Sun Valley.

To keep the game fresh, this arena fighter adds different game modes with different objectives and even lets you adjust gravity, attack length, score amount, and much more.

Will you be picking up Clash for the Xbox One and enjoy some local multiplayer with your closest frenemies? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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