The International Space Station Receives A Resupply Along With Mice And Alcohol


International indeed, the International Space Station just received a resupply from Japan. The HTV-5 or H-II Transfer Vehicle docked at the International Space Station early this morning to deliver a number of items, mainly food and other necessities. But among the more interesting items were a number of alcoholic beverages, mice, and a high definition telescope.

The booze comes from the Suntory Global Innovation Center in Japan in an experiment that will test the effects of antigravity on the taste of whiskey and tequila. Suntory is a large distilling and brewing company based in Japan which owns some of the biggest American whiskey brands including Jim Bean and Makers Mark.

12 mice have also found their way onto the International Space Station and will be kept in space for an extended period of time and monitored as part of an experiment that examines the effects of spending long periods of time in space and especially antigravity. The mice will also be kept in cages which are capable of simulating gravity. These are not, however, the first mice that have been sent to space. Earlier this year, 3 mice were kept in space for just over three months in another experiment examining the effects of antigravity. The major discovery in this experiment was  that the mice developed significant skin problems.

Another exiting delivery from the HYV-5 is a telescope that will look into deep space in search of dark matter.

[The] CALorimetric Electron Telescope delivered by HTV-5 will seek dark matter and examine cosmic rays from the space station, away from the distorting effect of Earth’s atmosphere. With the telescope’s high-resolution data, researchers will learn more about the makeup of the galaxy and the risks cosmic rays pose to astronauts.

The next mission set to reach the International Space Station is a Russian craft, Progress M,  it is unmanned and is scheduled to launch on October 1st, 2015. Space X should also be launching two more missions in 2015.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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