Report Suggests 12% Of Android Users Considering iPhone 7

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A new report published by mobile insight company mXP (mobile experience) suggests that 12% of current Android users would consider the iPhone 7. The company conducted what they call a micro-study where more than 39,000 on-the-go consumers responded (question was sent out to 12 million users) to one question that ran for 24 hours on August 11: Are you planning on buying the new iPhone this fall? The survey results were comprised of 42% Android users and 58% iOS users.


These studies and consumer insights aren’t unusual nor are the results, many people consider switching from one side to the other every year. Whether or not this 12% of users does switch is likely a 50/50 proposition. Even if Apple does gain some Android users with the iPhone 7 introduction, Android’s global lead is still pretty solid. Tim Cook and crew will have a lot of work ahead of them to dominate the market. But honestly, Apple’s goal may not be to dominate the smartphone market, that’s pretty hard to do with just three devices compared to the hundreds of Android devices available on the market. More likely Apple wants to be seen as the premium smartphone maker, the device that everyone wants but not all can afford. They seem to play that role pretty well and they’re likely content in continuing on in that role.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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