CARROT Weather For iOS Review: That’s One Snarky App

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A review of a weather app you say? How much can one really say about a weather app? I mean it should do two things and do them well: give you the forecast and current weather conditions. So does CARROT Weather for iOS meet that criteria? Yes, it absolutely does deliver the forecast and current weather in an elegant UI. So that should pretty much end this review, right? Well, it would end there but the thing is, CARROT Weather is one snarky and sometimes rude app. Depending on your sense of humor you may like this or you may hate it.

CARROT’s insults are pretty damn funny and the Siri voice makes it even funnier with the very dry delivery. But CARROT doesn’t stop with insulting its meatbag users – there are secret locations to unlock like Mordor and the Badlands. CARROT even offers a time machine where you can go back and find out the weather on a particular day (you can only go back as far as 1945). Overall the app is a hoot to use, of course sense of humor plays a lot into it. Poke CARROT’s ocular sensor enough and she may snap. I’ve already been threatened with death many times over.

The bottom line is CARROT isn’t anything more than a powerless little program in your iPhone and her bark is worse than her bite. The biggest question is, is she worth the $3.99 price? She thinks pretty highly of herself at those prices considering how ugly she is but if you want a good belly laugh and have a good sense of humor she’s worth the price. Don’t buy her if you can’t laugh at yourself though, it will just anger you to the point of wanting to throw your phone at the wall.

So check out CARROT Weather at the link below. Oh, and try not to mention how she smells… seriously, like a dead possum floating in a vat of cow urine that’s been fermenting for months. Just try to be nice to her. 😉

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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