Game Of Thrones Has A New Red Priestess

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How many Red Priestesses does it take to fire off a new round of Game Of Thrones speculation? As few as two.

British actress Melanie Liburd will join the cast of Game Of Thrones as The Red Priestess according to recent reports. The development comes in the wake of rumors following emergence of pictures of the crew shooting in Peñiscola. Liburd had also made an Instagram post celebrating her induction into the small army of actors that constitute the cast of Game Of Thrones. That led the unusually intelligent Watchers on the Speculation Wall to put two and two together and arrive at the news of the casting.

Melanie Liburd is a British actress who’s been seen on Dracula, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Strike Back, and The Grinder in the past. Among other appearances, the up-and-comer will feature in a psychological thriller starring Dylan McDermott directed by Kevin Williamson. There are a number of new characters expected to make the crossover from the books to TV, so this may just be the first of many casting updates.

So that’s that. New Game Of Thrones cast member. Fun news day.


Isn’t there already a Red Priestess on the show?

Yes. Yes there is.

As things stand, Melanie Liburd’s character is more likely to be “A” Red Priestess rather than “The” Red Priestess. Apparently, R’hllor, the Lord of Light, doesn’t mind having more than one pyromaniac priestess in his clergy. That’s what it takes to bring fire and brimstone straight to Earth.

All of this also ties in with the much anticipated return of Jon Snow. There have been rumors that Melisandre, Red Priestess #1, will have a role to play in his resurrection. Now that there’s a second one, the latter may also contribute to his return.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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