An Open Letter Regarding Constantine On The CW


Dear CW Execs,

Please bring back Constantine on the CW. If you’re like me, you believe NBC canceled last season’s breakout hit, Constantine way too early. While Constantine didn’t receive high enough ratings on the Peacock network to garner a longer run, nor a second season, the hellblazer as portrayed by Matt Ryan received a cult following.

So much so, that Ryan — with support from fans — tried to save, then pitch the show to other networks. Sadly, this came to no fruition and we were left saddened by the fact that we’d not see Constantine again. Then season 4 of Arrow came along, with it, a storyline that adds a bit of the supernatural to a somewhat grounded-in-reality TV show.

Thanks to this season’s supernatural phenomenon, Constantine’s wheelhouse, it would only make sense that we saw the supernatural expert pop up. (There had been talk of a crossover before, considering they were in the same universe.) Then season 4’s trailer hit, giving me, and fans, hope that we may see more Constantine in our lives.

For those who have yet to see the episode — and you darn well should —the premise is, Sara Lance was restored in the Lazarus Pit. However, what came out of the pit was not Sara Lance, but a soulless person hell-bent on offing her killer. Without giving much away, we’re first introduced to Constantine in one of Oliver’s flashback scenes and right from the get-go, Matt Ryan delivers a wonderful performance despite, what felt like a rushed ending.

I’m not the only one who thinks this. According to

Arrow scored a 1.0 rating in key demographics and 2.57 million viewers. This was a 10% increase over the previous week, which saw a 0.9 rating for Arrow. The 1.0 rating is just short of the season 4 premiere rating of 1.1, which had been the highest ratings since the series premiere.

This is no small feat considering the episode was leaked online prior to its premiere. This can only mean one thing. People want more Constantine, no, they need more Constantine in their lives. While the CW has said that it’s done making new shows based on DC Comics, I think the network needs to re-evaluate that statement.

Certainly, there’s room for one more show with Constantine. I’d certainly watch it. Given the 10 percent increase we saw in viewership from last week, it appears a large number of other people would, too. So please, CW, tell us you were just kidding. Tell us you still have room for one more DC Comics show. Please bring back Constantine. It’d be one of the greatest gifts you could give us this holiday season.

Every Constantine Fan

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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