Warcraft Movie Full Trailer Premieres Exclusively At BlizzCon

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BlizzCon 2015’s opening ceremonies included a lot of great announcements but probably none more anticipated than the Warcraft movieBlizzard has been well known for their outstanding cinematics for games but now they have taken their awe-inspiring visual art to the big screen with the help of Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment. After a very long time in discussion before finding the right partners and people to execute the movie, and after releasing several teaser trailers over the past few days, we finally have the full Warcraft trailer shown today, exclusively at BlizzCon:

As expected, the trailer was nothing short of fantastic and gives sincere hope that the movie will be just as spectacular as the cinematics Blizzard is used to releasing. The Warcraft trailer was presented by Director Duncan Jones and several cast members, including Ben Foster who plays Medivh, Paula Patton who plays Garona, Dominic Cooper who plays King Llane Wrynn, Toby Kebbell who plays Durotan, Travis Fimmel who plays Anduin Lothar, Daniel Wu who plays Gul’dan, and Clancy Brown who plays Blackhand.

Warcraft is set to release on June 10th of 2016 and will follow the origin story of the early encounters between the two main races – the Orcs, led by Durotan, and the humans, led by King Llane. The Orcs and the Humans clash against one another but there are also rifts within each group as politics and survival strain relationships and alliances. The Orcs hope to find peace amongst the Humans but will the Humans be able to trust such strange creatures and let peace reign once again? If the movie plays out anything like the books and/or games, you probably already know the answer. But perhaps the movie will take a new artistic twist on our favorite heroes of Azeroth. Stay tuned to find out!

What did you think of the full trailer? Are you going to see Warcraft in theaters? Hit us up in the comments!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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