Chaotic Moon Looks To Reinvent Wearables With Tech Tats


Wearable devices are still somewhat in their infancy. We’ve really just seen the first generations of many devices (most recently smartwatches) that attempt to provide functionality in different form factors. Wearables may become increasingly prevalent in the future, and one company is re-thinking what a wearable device can be with Tech Tats.  Chaotic Moon is a company researching just how these temporary tattoos can provide many varieties of information in a discreet wearable package.

The technology is still in its very early stages, but the idea behind Tech Tats is relatively simple. Temporary tattoos embedded with circuitry and sensors can be used in any number of ways. The most obvious use for these temporary tattoos is in the medical field, with the developers envisioning a device that could replace many portions of a standard yearly physical. Chaotic Moon also hopes this tech could ultimately be used for banking and payments, with the temporary tattoo offering a security that a payment card cannot.  You can see more in their video below.

While still relatively early in development, the Tech Tat is certainly an interesting idea. I would think due to the temporary nature of this particular wearable device that temporary applications might be best at this time. It would be an entirely new sort of embarrassment to be in a store only to have to leave without your purchases because your temporary payment tattoo had started to flake off. That said, I can see this sort of tech working flawlessly for temporary medical readings. The tattoo can be placed anywhere so you can discreetly monitor health-related items. Chaotic Moon has not revealed any type of pricing for these Tech Tats yet, but they hope that they will ultimately be very reasonably priced. They’ve envisioned their tattoos being sold almost like adhesive bandages, with a pack containing several varieties of tattoo.

What do you think? Would you want to wear a Tech Tat or something similar?  Tell us your best use case for this tech in the comments below, or on your favorite social media sites.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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